Meet Marco Piraccini, Italian photographer based in Milan

Marco defines himself as an entertainment still photographer, focusing his creative lens on concerts, fashion shows, red carpets and backstage action. Being a dreamer helped him move out of his comfort zone, and pushed Marco to make the courageous decision to leave behind his family and job as a clinical psychologist and move to Milan. There he pursued photography, which was his greatest passion at that time.

Over the years Marco distinguished himself as one of the most well-known Italian photographers.

For a long time, he was using social media to share a mix of his work and private life, but about four years ago Marco’s social media began to shift focus. He started storytelling with his photographs, showcasing more of his artistic work as a photographer but maintaining a personal touch.

Cher is concert
J Lo Versace Fashion Show
J Lo live in Vegas
Lady Gaga ay Venice Film Festival
Christina Aguilera The X Tour
Marco believes an artist should never stop learning and always make sure to differentiate themselves from others to show their worth.

He believes that Italy has changed in the past ten years: “There are more ways and platforms to share your work with the interactive web, but they are also more momentary.” Sometimes artists feel lost and lose their creativity, but Marco has a specific method to overcome it by looking back at all his past achievements. A perfect example is how Marco moved his focus from entertainment to reportage photography during the pandemic. The method of photographing is the same: capturing a moment of reality. His goals in the near future involve going back to photographing concerts and artistic events. Marco’s biggest dream is to work in America for a period of time. Capturing some of the most important red-carpet moments through his photography at events like the Academy Awards or Met Gala, as well as work backstage for an international video production company.

His advice?

Study. Knowledge is everything. Photograph until you reach the image you have in your mind.

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