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Meet Selina Koch, German content creator based in Northern Germany

Selina focuses mainly on Nature Photography influenced by Peter McKinnon’s work. When the pandemic hit the world almost a year ago, Selina made the courageous decision to transform her then passion into the beginning of her career. She felt like the pandemic and what was happening around the world gave her a purpose to tell her own story. She decided to show her vision just recently through her social media but struggling to promote herself through them. Selina also began to explore filming by creating her first short in collaboration with a team and other genres of photography such as Product photography.

She believes that Germany has no limits for projects related to Photography and this past year, thanks to the pandemic, made artists realised how resourceful is their country. However, regarding the film industry, Selina is aware of the limit of her country, there are still no many production companies but she reckons that the quality of the german cinema is improving since Netflix came along.

Kulsfelsen photo
Animal Monkey Photo
Harry Potter Product

Change motivates her, so whenever she feels stuck Selina looks back to old photos, discard the ones doesn’t like and try out a new technique of editing in the ones she kept. Her main goal for the near future is getting her master’s degree in Film and Television and Moving Image at the University of Westminster in London and submitting her screenplay she is writing to some production companies and after graduating Selina plans to join the film industry. Her biggest’s dream is getting an Oscar! Jokes aside, she’d love to work with people she admires.

Her advice?

My family is my rock and they always supported me, but explore what you feel. Always. Even if people around you don’t support you, do it anyway. It’s not easy, but it’s worth it. It’s your life.

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