Pamela Rovaris Portrait Crealthy

Meet Pamela Rovaris, Italian photographer based in Milan

Pamela began her profession as photographer almost seven years ago. She defines herself as an entertainment still photographer focusing more on concerts, musical events and backstage. In the last few years, she has been pursuing multiple types of photography. The global pandemic played out this change, pushing her in a different direction. Pamela has been doing more Wedding and Portrait photography; this helped her to grow her skills and to recognize her limits.

Over the years Pamela distinguished herself as one of the most well-known music photographers.

At the beginning of her career, Pamela started to use her social media in a personal and professional way but recently they shift focus in a more professional direction.

Pamela knows that social media has a huge impact on our daily life, noticing how a significant number of followers gives the idea of quality which doesn’t always match reality.

Jovanotti By Pamela for Crealthy
Lindsey by Pamela for Crealthy
Oxana by Pamela for Crealthy
Eytan by Pamela for Crealthy
Silvia by Pamela for Crealthy
Pamela is a believer. In her opinion Italy can offer many opportunities and if you use them in the right way you can improve and grow your art.

When she feels lost Pamela try to connect with other people, get to know different environments and sharing ideas. This new knowledge and exchange give her new inspiration in her work.

Her goals in the near future involve going back to photographing concerts and artistic events. In the meantime, she wants to use this time to connect with young artists and create with them some storytelling portraits.

Even though she had the chance to photograph different concerts and events, Pamela’s biggest dream is to be a photographer for a whole tour of one of her favourite singers. Another goal of hers is to be working with a good photography agency that would help her to grow her career even more. Good luck Pamela!

Her advice?

Don’t limit yourself. Experiment, always but also understand your limits. Only in this way, you will truly know your path.

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