Giovanni Benevento filmmaker portrait by Anna Stefani

Meet Giovanni Benevento, Italian filmmaker based in London

Giovanni moved to London about 3 years ago looking for a new experience and a new motivation, leaving behind his profession as an engineer and starting over as a waiter. He started making his first videos almost a year ago, focusing especially on fitness and hospitality. Being an engineer allows him to learn quickly the practical side of making videos and being a waiter gives him inspiration to create them. Giovanni thinks that creativity comes when you learn to let go every time you practice.

He realised that moving to London was his best decision yet because he had the chance to explore video making and to meet different people which helped him to grow professionally and personally. In his opinion video making is a dynamic industry and Italy could keep up with it and don’t be a limitation. Giovanni hasn’t yet started to use social media professionally because he is still finding a balance between showing his work and his personality. He accepted self-doubt as part of growth but he recognizes that creating a connection with the person in front of the camera is his main struggle right now. So he is trying to be more empathic while filming.

His goal in the near future involves the creation of educational videos. These videos can be bought by users to acquire new skills and they are more scripted. He also would love to start working with other freelancers and craftsmen. His biggest dream is to be a singer. Joke aside, Giovanni dreams to travel the world and show the beauty of every place he will go through his vision and videography.

His advice?

Follow what you feel. Because when you really feel, you listen to your true self.

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