Flow portrait

Meet Flow, Burkinabè-Italian model based in Milan

Flow is a young girl from Burkina Faso who has been a professional model since she was a teenager while studying and getting an education. Her journey was full of obstacles and second thoughts but she managed to overcome them all thanks to the support of her dear friend Lino Minniti, who always believed in her.

In the past she has often been sidelined because of her forms considered non-standard but she did not beat herself up and pursued her path. She has often wondered what was blocking her from going abroad to find her way, to start over and maybe be more successful than in Italy.

Love had its reasons. Flow also believes that we are witnessing a growth of multiculturalism in Italy and it allows more artists to create their own space.

Flow model
Flow model
Flow model
Flow model

Her goal for the future is to be able to devote herself completely to this profession and being a fulltime model. Flow would love to support other artists, helping them to grow and to have their own space. On top of this she would love to become the organizer of Miss Burkina Italy.

“I managed to be on track and not to feel lost because of the growing desire I have to transform all of this in my everyday life”

Her advice?

Your path must be found within yourself, through the experiences, dreams and desires. Never stop discovering yourself.

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