Eleonora Stolfi portrait

Meet Eleonora Stolfi, Italian singer and songwriter based in London

Eleonora moved to London several years ago to begin a different and more individual musical journey than the one she was in until then. In Italy, for somebody who is at the beginning of their career, there are not many chances to explore their creativity and to comprehend which path they wanna take. You can take part in a cover band and/or take part in a tv show but there is a low probability to be chosen.

Eleonora had more chances in London to present her music to an audience by starting to perform on stage in open mic evenings. She grew her network and invested her time and energy to promote herself and it allowed her to perform in more and different stages. Recently Eleonora began to use social media as a platform to present her music. She believes the artist has to focus on creating their solid audience by accepting the identity/label that the social media platform has given you.

At the beginning of the pandemic, Eleonora’s creativity was booming but slowly it became minimal. Elenora doesn’t beat herself up and her next move will be to finally release her album. She then also wants to find her personal space and balance which will allow her to create, produce and share not only her music but her second album. Eleonora’s biggest dream is to work in America for some time but also to plan her first tour in the theatres.

Her advice?

Listen to yourself. We are born in these patterns where they tell you that one thing is worth more than the other, but inevitably the real you will emerge. Practical thing: if you are born with the idea of being an artist, experience art on parallel tracks. Accept that sometimes you can't be an artist 24/7 but do something that nourishes your art.

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