Danilo Contu Portrait

Meet Danilo Contu, Italian photographer based in Sardinia

Danilo Contu, 32 years old is a photographer and he lives in Sassari. He considers himself a free spirit and a very lucky person to have a husband who has always encouraged him and never blocked hid dreams. Initially born as a simple hobby, he then decided to offer photographic services to tourists (mainly foreigners) during the summer who were experiencing not just the turistic point of view but also his personal one. In this way Danilo was creating a special bond with his clients lasting even after their holiday and their photoshoot.

His main struggles are with italian clients. In Italy photography is very often seen as “not a proper job”, so people are not willing to pay for a photoshoot. But, despite this, Danilo considers Italy, especially Sardinia, a wonderful place for what it offers. He always tried to overcome moments of difficulties by investing time, energy and sometimes money in photography training. When he felt lost, he simply took the moment for what it was, without forcing anything. In his opinion creativity can’t be forced.

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His next step will be his departure to Germany to refine his studies and in the meantime telling his story of the experience abroad through photography. His goal for the future is to transform his photography which is now a summer activity into a fulltime job alongside his main job as social worker.

His advice?

Your path always depends on you. You are the creator of your own destiny. I left home when I was 20 risking it all but with no regrets. The key word is DO. Better to do and fail than not to do at all.

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