Our Story and Our Mission

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our mission

A creative platform based on representation and inclusivity.

We want to make a difference.

We want to help dreamers expand their creative and human potential.

We find strength from our different backgrounds and passions.

We needed a space open to everybody, even to those who, until now, have been sidelined.

This is Crealthy, a safe place where we value creativity and personality in everybody.

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Anna Stefani


Whilst studying molecular biology at University, I developed a passion for photography and I eventually realised that is the path that would give me professional success and fulfilment. Italian born, I then decide to move to London, where I become a self-taught photographer. My work is focused on connecting with the subject and thriving in situations that require a spontaneous response.


Crealthy is the project that I most proud of. A creative platform where we value the vision of the artist. A creative platform that is about being seen and understood and that is about seeing everyone as equals.


Émeraude Yoan


After getting a diploma in graphics advertising and photography, I had the opportunity to do my first internship with one of the greatest photographers in Lecco back in 2013 and since then I pursue photography which is now my job. Through my photographs, I capture those moments which can be immortalized into memories. I am also involved in helping entrepreneurs and SMEs to go digital, in specific creating new content and improving their branding.


Crealthy is for me what was missing at the beginning of my career: a platform that recognized the value and vision of artists.


Mattia Costa

Web Developer

When I was a child my nickname was “the little magician of technology”. I started my career in IT back in Italy when I was 17 and what was my biggest passion eventually became my profession. Before moving to London I owned my first IT company which gave me the experience to take a step further in my career. In 2015 I’ve created Krosbit, a new company that focuses on transforming ideas into digital realities offering services as website creations, web hosting and virtual infrastructure creations.

Crealthy is the project which keeps fulfilling me every day, giving me the chance to create a platform dedicated to emerging talents from different backgrounds.